BLS Handbook of Methods

BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 2, Employment, Hours, and Earnings from the Establishment Survey provides detail information about the methods and procedures for the survey that is used to collect data each month on employment, hours, and earnings from a sample of nonagricultural establishments (including government). There are 11 sections in Chapter 2 ranging from interesting background information on through very technical explanations of methodology.

CES Program Overview provides information about what is available, the survey coverage, uses of the data, plus more.

CES Program Data and Statistics site provides links to pre-selected data tables with graphs, plus special news announcements and much more.

CES State and Area Employment Hours and Earnings goes direct to a query page where you can select a state, plus areas, super sectors, industries to customize your information needs. Requires Java- Enabled browser.

CES National Employment Hours and Earnings presents the national level data in a one page query format. Start by selecting the data type. Requires Java-Enabled browser.

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